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UFA 2022
A R T W O R K  B Y  C U S T O M  B A S
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The locomotive is a symbol of power and movement forward. The Demsky train is a reflection not only of the Demsky district, the appearance of a developed railway infrastructure in the area influenced the development of the entire city of Ufa. Railroad track links are a vital arterial delta for any large settlement. The steam locomotive metaphor correlates with constant forward movement, internal development. Coal is the raw material for starting the fire and maintaining the driving force. Carriages are our life experience, which we “pull” along with us.
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B E F O R E  &  A F T E R
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The main idea here is the development and education of oneself, for the benefit of the space around us. About confident moving forward, with fire in your eyes and heart, with a bright head and love for what you do. What motivated Lomonosov when he went on foot to a big city from the wilderness and became great for the country. The same fire, passion for knowledge, and love for it.
In my opinion, those geniuses that we know about, were or are, are completely in love with their work. In my opinion, true development, true self-realization, the disclosure of one's potential, is possible only in Love. Teaching "under pressure" will bear less fruit than teaching with interest and passion. It kindles the fire in us, to wake up in the morning and keep walking with burning eyes.
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The goal is to educate yourself, create yourself, become the author of the picture, of your life. And nurtured his calling, to direct to serve his space. Lomonosov, Tesla, Pushkin and Da Vinci, and many other geniuses from various fields, spoke about the grain of genius in every person. The main work is to trace in oneself, and this is to cultivate, slowly and carefully.
P R O C E S S  O F  C R E A T I O N  +
And having traced the talent in himself, like a locomotive,
Pick up the pace and move forward with fire inside
Throwing the coal of knowledge by labor and deed, moving the mass,
Picking up the pace confidently go
20:17, 26 September 2022
Vasily Matafonov / Custom Bas
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